POP-PY™ System

from Fillauer LLC

  • Combination of the POP and a Socket Pylon
  • Allows the amputee to load the residual limb with a moderate amount of weight to promote wound healing during rehabilitation.
  • Designed for standing only, using supplemental balancing aids (parallel bars, crutches, etc.) under the supervision of a health care specialist

POP-PY™ System

125770 POP-PY (Post Operative Protector with Pylon)


125760 Post Operative Protector (POP)
125768 Socket Pylon Assembly for POP-PY
POP-PY System


Product Manual

Post-Operative Protector

POP (Post-Operative Protector)

The Fillauer POP (Post Operative Protector) is a foam shield designed to aid in the protection of the residual limb during the first 4-8 weeks following amputation.

125760 POP (Post-Operative Protector)
Socket Pylon Assembly

Socket Pylon Assembly for POP-PY

125768 Socket Pylon Assembly for POP-PY

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