Aeris Solution

Aeris Solution

from Emotis

The Aeris Solution exceeds expectations by offering the best combination of value and performance in a 100% carbon composite foot. The Aeris Performance adds Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) that is derived by using multiple springs to increase the range of flexibility. The result is a unique Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon design composed of nested parallel springs that enable the foot to react in a compliant manner at heel strike and then work together to create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release. The AER pylon takes advantage of independent spring action to provide smooth, stable progression from heel-strike to toe-off. The Aeris Solution foot system will exceed expectations for the low to moderate activity user.

Aeris Performance diagram

Features & Benefits

  • Compliant Composite Technology (CCT)
  • Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon
  • Enhanced plantarflexion for stability at heel strike
  • Durable; meets ISO-22675 standard


  • Patient weight: 275 lbs. (125 kg)
  • Foot sizes: 22-30 cm
  • Heel height: 3/8 in. (10 mm)
  • Foot height (in shell to the mid-dome of the pyramid): 5.5 in. (14 cm)
  • Foot weight (27 cm): 15.87 oz. (450 g)
  • Attachment: modular pyramid


  • Low to moderate activity BK or AK amputees as defined by functional K3 levels
  • Unilateral or bilateral patients
  • Patients that would benefit from moderate energy return
  • Patients weighing up to 275 lbs. (125 kg)


  • Build height below 5 in. (13 cm)
  • Patients weighing over 275 lbs. (125 kg)


  • L5976* – All Lower Extremity Prostheses, Energy Storing Foot

Suggested L-Codes are provided as a reference only. It is the responsibility of the practitioner and/or patient care facility submitting this claim to determine and submit the correct coding within all established rules and guidelines.


Product Manual

Ordering Information

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Aeris Solution

130-10-XX-X Aeris Solution

Includes Spectra Sock. Foot shell sold separately (see below).
The foot model recommendations on the selection chart are based on average patients, engaged in normal activities. If your patient is more active than average or lifts heavy loads as part of a daily routine, then selecting the next weight category higher is advised.

    22 cm 23 cm 24 cm 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm 28 cm 29 cm 30 cm
99-130 lbs. 45-59 kg 22-A 23-A 24-A 25-B 26-B 27-B 28-B 29-D 30-D
131-163 lbs. 60-74 kg 22-A 23-A 24-A 25-B 26-B 27-C 28-C 29-D 30-D
164-198 lbs. 75-90 kg 22-B 23-B 24-B 25-C 26-C 27-C 28-C 29-D 30-D
199-235 lbs. 91-107 kg 22-B 23-B 24-B 25-C 26-C 27-D 28-D 29-E 30-E
236-275 lbs. 108-125 kg NA NA NA 25-D 26-D 27-D 28-D 29-E 30-E

Note: If you are not sure which foot to select, please consult with one of our technical service representatives.

MCV Foot Shells

MCV Foot Shell

XX XX 13 CC 3 Micro Coated Vinyl Foot Shell (sold separately)
  Example: 45 22 13 13 3 = Left, Size 22, Color 13

To order, select the side (left or right) and foot length (22 – 30 cm) from the chart below. Then, choose the color (CC 03, 09, 13, or 99).

  22 cm 23 cm 24 cm 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm 28 cm 29 cm 30 cm
Left 45 22 45 23 45 24 45 25 45 26 45 27 45 28 45 29 45 30
Right 46 22 46 23 46 24 46 25 46 26 46 27 46 28 46 29 46 30

Custom colors are available as a special order with three weeks lead time. Please contact Fillauer Customer Service for more details.


  • 2 years from date of patient fitting
  • Foot Shell: 6 months from date of patient fitting

The Aeris Solution has been designed and manufactured for specific patient weights. Failure to follow the weight guidelines and/or overload conditions caused by the patient, such as heavy lifting, high impact sports, or abusive activities, that would otherwise damage the natural limb, may void the warranty.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 30 days from date of patient fitting

For more information and ordering, email Customer Service or call 1-800-251-6398.