Ibex XD

from Emotis

The Ibex is a leap forward in multi-axial foot design. The innovative micro-slices in the Ibex pylon and the split heel plate provide controlled inversion/eversion for uneven terrain. The multi-axial design is energy optimized with a long carbon pylon and full length heel plate that allows the Ibex to reach foot flat sooner and store more energy. The unique components of the Ibex work together from heel strike to toe off to provide stability without sacrificing energy return. The Ibex foot’s balanced performance gives amputees the confidence they need to meet life’s challenges head on.

Ibex diagram

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Micro-Slice technology for multi- axial performance
  • Energy optimized pylon/heel plate design
  • Carbon fiber foot/shank design for outstanding energy return
  • Adjustable heel wedge for fine tuning heel stiffness
  • Build height: 7.63 in. (19 cm)


  • Weight rating: 440 lbs. (200 kg)
  • Ibex XD 25-30 cm
  • Heel height: 3/8 in. (10 mm)
  • Foot height: (in shell to the mid-dome of the pyramid): 7.63 in. (19 cm)
  • Foot weight: (30 cm): 21.2 oz. (602 g)
  • Attachment: Modular Pyramid
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  • Moderate to Active BK or AK Amputees as defined by Functional K3 and K4 Levels
  • Unilateral or Bilateral Patients
  • Patients that would benefit from greater energy return and multi-axial function.
  • Patients weighing up to 440 lbs. (200 kg)


  • Build height below 7.63 in. (19 cm)
  • Patients weighing up to 440 lbs. (200 kg)


  • L5980* – All Lower Extremity Prostheses, Flex Foot System
  • L5986* – All Lower Extremity Prostheses, Multi-Axial Rotation Unit (“MCP” or Equal)

Suggested L-Codes are provided as a reference only. It is the responsibility of the practitioner and/or patient care facility submitting this claim to determine and submit the correct coding within all established rules and guidelines.


Product Manual

Patent Pending

Ordering Information

Ibex XD Foot

Ibex XD

Includes Spectra Sock. Foot shell sold separately (see below).

120-10-25-E8XD Ibex XD, Size 25
120-10-26-E8XD Ibex XD, Size 26
120-10-27-E9XD Ibex XD, Size 27
120-10-28-E9XD Ibex XD, Size 28
120-10-29-E9XD Ibex XD, Size 29
120-10-30-E9XD Ibex XD, Size 30
MCV Foot Shells

MCV Foot Shell

XX XX 13 CC 3 Micro Coated Vinyl Foot Shell (sold separately)
  Example: 45 22 13 13 3 = Left, Size 22, Color 13

To order, select the side (left or right) and foot length (22 – 30 cm) from the chart below. Then, choose the color (CC 03, 09, 13, or 99).

  22 cm 23 cm 24 cm 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm 28 cm 29 cm 30 cm
Left 45 22 45 23 45 24 45 25 45 26 45 27 45 28 45 29 45 30
Right 46 22 46 23 46 24 46 25 46 26 46 27 46 28 46 29 46 30

Custom colors are available as a special order with three weeks lead time. Please contact Fillauer Customer Service for more details.


XD 34 mm Tube Clamp, Titanium

126100  XD 34 mm Tube Clamp, Titanium

XD 4-Prong Lamination Adapter

126120  XD 4-Prong Lamination Adapter

XD 34 mm Pylon

126133  XD 34 mm Pylon


  • 3 years from date of patient fitting
  • Foot Shell: 6 months from date of patient fitting

The Ibex XD has been designed and manufactured for specific patient weights. Failure to follow the weight guidelines and/or overload conditions caused by the patient, such as heavy lifting, high impact sports, or abusive activities, that would otherwise damage the natural limb, may void the warranty.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 30 days from date of patient fitting

For more information and ordering, email Customer Service or call 1-800-251-6398.