External Shuttle Lock

from Fillauer LLC

Suitable for use in any 36 mm threaded adapter. Using high strength titanium cores, Fillauer offers a 300 lbs. weight rating for high performance for each of the devices. The external shuttle lock uses the same simple yet rugged tool steel lock insert found in other Fillauer shuttle designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Interchangeable with any 36mm thread
  • Titanium core pyramid
  • Low-profile design
  • High-strength aluminum body
  • Lamination kits available
  • Rated up to 300 lbs.

Shuttle Lock Assembly

Shuttle Lock Assembly
125100 External Shuttle Lock


809852 Threaded Adapter
809711 Lock Shuttle
809831 External Shuttle Lock Button
882415 M4 x .7 x 6MM SHSS
809752 Spring .180OD x .022WD x .50L
809855 External Shuttle Lock Body with Pyramid

Fabrication Kit (Sold Separately)

Fabrication Kit
809880 Fabrication Kit


809882 Fabrication Dummy Body for External Locks
809883 #6-17 x 1-1/4 in. FLT HD Drywall Screw
809881 Fabrication Dummy Lid for External Locks

Plungers (Sold Separately)

809725 Plunger 1-1/2 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809727 Plunger 2 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809725mm Plunger 1-1/2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809727mm Plunger 2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809720mm Plunger 2-1/2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809721mm Plunger 3 in., with M10 Metric Thread

Push Button Extension (Sold Separately)

Push Button Extension
140030 Push Button Extension

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