Gator Grip Lock with Cylindrical Housing

from Fillauer LLC

The new stepless lock uses a one-of-a-kind smooth flexible plunger that can address plunger alignment issues by flexing to find the distal opening. Another option for the Gator Grip, the smooth rigid plunger, is designed with an initial “safety click” to alert the wearer that they are engaged. Both plungers offer stepless action and corrosion resistance. The lock is designed to eliminate backlash and can be disengaged under load. As an added benefit the locking cartridge may be removed from the socket without detaching the release button for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The prosthetic lock can be used in fresh or salt water, muck, or grime. When fabricating, a distal outlet is needed to allow dirt and water to wash through its corrosion-resistant frame. Amputees can now enjoy activities in any environment without fear of causing harm to their locking device.

The modular Gator Grip Lock mechanism is interchangeable between the three housings. We challenge you to use the Gator Grip on your most active patient who cannot use standard attachment devices.

Gator Grip Lock with Cylindrical Housing

Features & Benefits

  • Corrosion resistant components can be immersed in salt or fresh water
  • Large clearance design allows muck and grime to wash through
  • New flexible plunger allows for distal plunger misalignment
  • Smooth Rigid Plunger with Initial Engagement Click for audible feedback
  • Quiet and stepless locking mechanism
  • Easy to remove and service
  • Available in four housing designs: Delrin, Pyramid, Cylindrical, and BOA
  • Titanium wear resistant guide bushing
  • Rated up to 300 lbs.

Gator Grip Assembly

141003 Gator Grip Lock Kit, with Cylindrical Housing


141170 Cylindrical Housing
141105 Release Assembly with Spring


  027827 Compression Spring, Stainless
  140106 Latch Pin
  141140 Release Rack
  141142 Button Shield
  141144 Latchin Pin Button
  880280 M6x1x16 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw (4)
Gator Grip Assembly Release Assembly

Lock Mechanism (Included in Lock Kit)

Lock Mechanism
141100 Gator Grip Modular Lock Cartridge


141110 316 Stainless Steel 7/32 in. Ball Bearing (4)
141112 316 Stainless Steel Internal Retaining Ring
141114 316 Stainless Steel Flat Washer
141120 Gear Driven Release Cam
141122 Cam Follower Spacer (2)
141130 Modular Lock Cartridge Housing, Titanium
141132 Ball Retainer
027826 Conical Compression Spring, Stainless Steel
882410 Cam Follower Screw (2)

Fabrication Kit

Fabrication Kit
141021 Gator Grip Fabrication Kit for Cylindrical Housing


141196 Fabrication Dummy
141197 Button Dummy
880494 5/16-18 x 3 in. Socket Head Set Screw
880277 M6x1x8mm Socket Head Cap Screw (4)
880275 M6x1x16mm Socket Head Set Screw (4)
141022 Fabrication Kit, for Thermoforming
141024 Fabrication Kit, for Lamination

Plungers, Metric Threads (Sold Separately)

141015 Smooth Rigid Plunger, 1 in.
141016 Smooth Rigid Plunger, 1-1/2 in.
141017 Smooth Rigid Plunger, 2 in.
141009 Flexible Plunger, 1-1/8 in.
141010 Flexible Plunger, 1-1/2 in.
141011 Flexible Plunger, 2 in.
141012 Flexible Plunger, 2-1/2 in.

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