Cylindrical Lock System

from Fillauer LLC

The Cylindrical Lock incorporates the same dependable Fillauer locking mechanism in a versatile cylindrical body with a robust 4-hole attachment base. This value-added design features a fiber reinforced, injection molded body, and deep pin well for easy insertion. The Fillauer Cylindrical Lock can be retrofitted to other cylindrical lock sockets and is optimized for thermoforming or lamination. The Cylindrical Lock comes ready to fit with two one inch Fillauer shuttle pins and attachment hardware. Great value, trusted quality.


  • Dependable Fillauer shuttle design
  • Retrofits other cylindrical lock sockets
  • Strong, lightweight, fiber reinforced body
  • Standard 4-hole attachment pattern
  • Adjustable push button
  • Includes 2 Fillauer 1 in. or 1-1/2 in. plungers
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Majority gel suspension liners
  • Serrated pin-type attachment
  • Standard distal end profile
  • Rated up to 300 lbs.
  • Weight .193 lbs. / 88 g
Cylindrical Lock


  • Narrow distal end
  • Previous pin marring issues
  • Long limb lengths
  • Offset alignment

Shuttle Lock Assembly

Shuttle Lock Assembly
125240 Cylindrical Lock, with 1 in. Plungers
  809722mm, 1 in. Long metric Plunger, 2 Each
125241 Cylindrical Lock, with 1-1/2 in. Plungers
  809725mm, 1-1/2 in. Long Metric Plunger, 2 Each
125243 Cylindrical Lock, with 2 in. Plungers
  809727mm, 2 in. Long Metric Plunger, 2 Each


809685 Latch Pin Button for Lock Systems
809873 Cylindrical Lock Body
880285 M6 x 1 x 25 mm Flat Socket Head Cap Screw, 4 Each

Fabrication Kits (Sold Separately)

Fabrication Kit
809867 Cylindrical Housing Dummy Kit


809864 Fabrication Dummy Body
880275 M6 x 1 x 16mm Socket Head Set Screw
880494 5/16 - 18 x 3 in. Socket Head Set Screw
809791 Button Shield Dummy

May also use Fabrication Kits 125204 and 125202 with this item.

Plungers (Sold Separately)

809722 Plunger 1 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809725 Plunger 1-1/2, with 1/4-20 Thread
809727 Plunger 2 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809722mm Plunger 1 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809725mm Plunger 1-1/2, with M10 Metric Thread
809727mm Plunger 2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809720mm Plunger 2-1/2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809721mm Plunger 3 in., with M10 Metric Thread

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