Original Shuttle Lock with 4-Hole Plate & Screws

from Fillauer LLC

The lock system widely used today was originally invented in 1983 by Carlton Fillauer. The same basic design is still used today and considered the standard in suspension systems.

  • Rated up to 220 lbs.

Shuttle Lock Assembly

Shuttle Lock Assembly
125212 Shuttle Lock Kit, without Plunger


809747 Shuttle Lock Body
125345 Button Shield
809712 Guide Screw Assembly
809731 Latch Pin
809730 Latch Pin Button
809732 Mounting Nut
809757 Pe-Lite™ Washers 3/4 in.
809758 Pe-Lite™ Washers 1 in.

Fabrication Kits (Sold Separately)

Fabrication Kit
125239 Fabrication Kit


125314 Threaded Plug, 3/4-16x1 in.
125315 Distal Socket Plug
125348 Plug Screw F/Shield
880490 Set Screw, 5/16-18x2 in.
885347 Hex Key, 1/4 in.
880928 Socket Jam Screw, 3/4-16x3/8

Plungers (Sold Separately)

809722 Plunger 1 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809725 Plunger 1-1/2, with 1/4-20 Thread
809727 Plunger 2 in., with 1/4-20 Thread
809722mm Plunger 1 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809725mm Plunger 1-1/2, with M10 Metric Thread
809727mm Plunger 2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809720mm Plunger 2-1/2 in., with M10 Metric Thread
809721mm Plunger 3 in., with M10 Metric Thread

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