Innovation: Past to Present

The Utah Arm is a leading myoelectric arm for above elbow amputees. Originally established in 1974 to commercialize the medical technology developed at the University of Utah’s Center for Engineering Design, Motion Control, Inc., a Fillauer company, released its latest version of the myoelectric arm, the Utah Arm 3+, in 2008.

With its high performance wrist rotator, the Utah Arm 3+ is compatible with a variety of hands and terminal devices manufactured by Motion Control and others. These include the Motion Control Hand, the ultra-rugged ETD, as well as the bebionic and i-limb multi-articulating hands. The elbows on the Smithsonian Channel’s “World’s First Bionic Man” are two Utah Arms.

Manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT, the Utah Arm 3+ features microprocessor technology and an easy-to-use computer interface, as well as, silent freeswing and wireless Bluetooth communications. Its sensitive proportional control with simultaneous elbow and hand functions allows the user to have more natural movements than what was previously possible. Beginning in January 2014, the Utah Arm 3+ will be available with state of the art, auto-grasp function.

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