Knee Extension Assist

Knee Extension Assist

from Fillauer LLC

The Fillauer Orthotic Knee Extension Assist is a user adjustable extension assist that can be attached to virtually any orthotic knee joint. In orthotic knee joints with a locking mechanism, the Extension Assist helps insure that the knee joint reaches full extension and the lock engages, helping to enable patients in safe ambulation. The Extension Assist incorporates a mechanism that allows for let off after 35° of knee flexion, allowing for sitting without the constant pull of the mechanism causing irritation and strain. With a user adjustable elastomeric tension, individuals can dial in the amount of assist they need to suit their own activities.


  • Can be mounted to most knee joints
  • Provides extension force through a range of flexion angle degrees
  • Provides assurance that knee joint reaches full extension
  • Aids patients with weak knee extensor musculature to achieve improved function
  • Helps insure optimum function of orthotic knee joints
  • Design features let-off/break-over at 35° of flexion, allowing the patient to bend the knee without extension force being applied to the seated position


  • L2999 – Orthotic Knee Extension Assist

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024900 Knee Extension Assist

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