Torticollis Orthosis

from Fillauer LLC

Congenital Torticollis is a condition where the head is rotated and drawn to one side due to shortening of muscles of the neck. Congenital torticollis is due to unilateral fibrosis in the sternocleidomastoid muscle present at the time of birth, resulting in a swelling that leads to shortening of the muscle. Clinical management involves surgical release and reattachment of the muscle and application of orthotic support. The orthosis functions to support the head after surgery then slowly adjusts into the proper position. Most cervical orthoses support the head in an upright position, but do not have longitudinal and rotational adjustment. As a result, current treatment involves serial casting techniques.

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024500 Torticollis Hinge Kit, Right
024501 Torticollis Hinge Kit, Left
024510 Torticollis Extension Bar
Torticollis Orthotis

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to fabricate
  • Comfortable for patient
  • Physiological positioning
  • Easy donning and doffing

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