Coneiak Polishing Arbors

Coneiak Polishing Arbors

Fillauer is proud to introduce its new line of Coneiak Polishing Arbors. These grinding and polishing arbors work well with any standard thermoplastic materials within the O&P industry.


Packing Sheet

Ordering Information

Coneiaks Product Number Thread Type Coneiak Minis Product Number Thread Type

Set of four Coneiaks
225490 1/2 in.-13 thread
Set of five Coneiak Minis
225650 1/8 in. Shaft
225495 5/8 in.-11 thread
225490MM M16 thread

Tapered Coeniak
225410 1/2 in.-13 thread
Tapered Coneiak Mini
225600 1/8 in. Shaft
225415 5/8 in.-11 thread
225410MM M16 thread

Ball Nose Coneiak
225400 1/2 in.-13 thread
Ball Nose Coneiak Mini
225615 1/8 in. Shaft
225405 5/8 in.-11 thread
225400MM M16 thread

Slim Coneiak
225440 1/2 in.-13 thread
Slim Coneiak Mini
225605 1/8 in. Shaft
225445 5/8 in.-11 thread
225440MM M16 thread

Cylindrical Coneiak
225450 1/2 in.-13 thread
Cylindrical Coneiak Mini
225620 1/8 in. Shaft
225455 5/8 in.-11 thread
225450MM M16 thread

Hourglass Coneiak
225430 1/2 in.-13 thread
Double Ended Coneiak Mini
225610 1/8 in. Shaft
225435 5/8 in.-11 thread
225430MM M16 thread

Grooved Coneiak
225420 1/2 in.-13 thread
225425 5/8 in.-11 thread
225420MM M16 thread

Double Durometer Coneiak
225460 1/2 in.-13 thread
225465 5/8 in.-11 thread
225460MM M16 thread

Material Polishing Guide

Material Machine Speed Hand Speed Hand Pressure
Bio-Flex Low Slow Lite
Cenplex High Fast Normal to Hard
Co-Polymer Low Any Lite to Normal
Durr-Flex High or Low Any Normal
Durr-Plex High Fast Normal to Hard
Kydex High Any Normal
Polyethylene LD and LLD High or Low Any Normal
Polypropylene Low Any Normal
Pro-Flex Low Slow Lite
Pro-Flex with Silicone Low Slow Lite
Subortholen High Slow Lite
Surlyn High Any Normal to Hard
Thermoflex Low Slow Lite
TPE High Slow Lite

This product has a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects. Polishing arbors wear with use. Wear is dependent upon the material being polished, the pressure applied by the user, and the length of use. Products returned with extensive wear will not be accepted for warranty credit.

Recommended for thermoplastic materials only. Warranty will be voided if used on thermoset materials (i.e. acrylic resins, laminations, etc.).

Please Note: Air bubbles may become visible after use but will not affect product performance.

Trautman Tools Warranty

  • 6 Months from the date of shipment

Trautman tools are warranted for manufacturing defects for 6 months from the date of shipment from the Fillauer warehouse or from an authorized Fillauer distributor. Items will be replaced or repaired at Fillauer's discretion at no charge to the customer. The warranty will be void if the item has been modified, abused, or used outside of Fillauer's recommendations. Trautman tools will wear with use. Products returned with extensive wear will not be accepted for warranty credit.

For more information and ordering, email Customer Service or call 1-800-251-6398.