Oven Accessories

from OTS Corp.

Cylindrical Lock

PDQ Bubble Forming Frame

  • Round hole reduces plastic stretch
  • Spring clips allow different plastic thickness
  • Available in five sizes
  • BT-3 and BT-4 ovens require special frames
Bubble Forming Frame For PDQ Oven BT-3 BT-4
9 in. BFF-9 BFF-9-BT3 BFF-9-BT4
12 in. BFF-12 BFF-12-BT3 BFF-12-BT4
16 in. BFF-16 BFF-16-BT3 BFF-16-BT4
18 in. BFF-18 BFF-18-BT3 BFF-18-BT4
24 in. BFF-24 BFF-24-BT3 BFF-24-BT4
PDQ Plastic Rack

PDQ Plastic Rack

  • Used for storing sheet plastic
RACKLARGE 30 in. H x 52 in. W x 44 in. D
PDQ Mold Library

PDQ Mold Library

  • Used for storing casts
MOLDLIBRARY 84 in. H x 36 in. W x 16 in. D
PDQ Oven Gloves

PDQ Oven Gloves

  • Terry cloth thermoforming gloves
  • Extended length to protect forearms
PDQ Oven Fan Kit

PDQ Oven Fan Kit

The fan motor is powered by compressed air and operates on shop air. Retrofit kit includes complete instructions and items required for installation, which can be accomplished in less than an hour.

  • Available as a retrofit kit for an existing PDQ Infrared Oven
  • Available as factory-installed accessory on a new PDQ Infrared Oven
  • Provides controlled heating of pre-preg and TFC materials
  • Reduces production time by as much as 20% for O&P plastics
  • Fits all models except BT-1 and BT-4
O FAN KIT Oven Fan Kit, for Retrofit
O FAN KIT BT-3 Oven Fan Kit, for BT-3
O FAN NEW Oven Fan Kit, for Factory Installed Accessory with oven order
Mold Stand - Adjustable

Mold Stand - Adjustable

  • Holds mold firmly at any angle between 20 – 160°
  • Slides back and forth
Tongue Tray

Tongue Tray

TRAY,TONGUE Tongue Tray, 1/2 in. H x 24 in. W x 24 in. D

OTS PDQ Oven Warranty

  • 12 Months from the date of shipment

OTS PDQ Ovens and accessories are warranted for twelve months against manufacturing defects from the date of shipment from the OTS warehouse or from an authorized OTS distributor. The foregoing is a summary. Please refer to the written warranty which is included with each oven shipped.

For more information and ordering, email Customer Service or call 1-800-251-6398.