Trautman Variable Speed Floor Carver

  • Precise speed control for best results possible
  • Various speed range from 1380-3450rpm
  • Heavy duty 3/4 HP Baldor® motor and controller
  • Brushless motor for low maintenance
  • Motor is thermally protected to prevent damage from overheating
  • Factory lubricated and sealed bearings for long-lasting use
  • Pre-attached 40 watt work light (not available on 50Hz machines)
  • Fully adjustable height and tilt can be set for a wide range of workers and applications
  • Torque overload set at factory to reduce the risk of injury
  • Heavy duty base for stability
  • Requires 115V, 60Hz electrical input (230V, 50Hz input available upon request)
2300/60 Trautman Floor Carver, Variable Speed, 60Hz, 115 V
2300/50 Trautman Floor Carver, Variable Speed, 50Hz, 230 V*

*Shipping/Handling Surcharges Apply for International Shipments

Floor Carver Replacement Parts

R2000B Bearing
R2000M-3 Motor, 3/4HP Variable Speed, 2300/60 Carver
R2000C Coupler for Trautman Carver
R2000L Lamp Assembly
R2000R Retaining Ring (Replaces the Spirolox)
R2000S Shaft
R2000T Tension Handle
390870 Trautman Bearing Installation Kit
390900 Anchor Bolt System
Trautman Variable Speed Floor Carver

Floor Carver shown with
Carver Lift Assist accessory


Product Manual

Carver Lift Assist

  • Assist in both lifting and lowering
  • Easy to install
  • Provides over 16 in. of adjustment
  • Works on all Trautman models, past and current
  • Thrust bearing for ease of rotation
  • Shock provides slam-resistant damping at the end of the stroke
Carver Lift Assist
2100LA Carver Lift Assist
Dust Collector for Floor Carver

Dust Collector for Floor Carver

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Steel construction
  • 4" exhaust for connection to your vacuum system
2100L Dust Collector Attachment
Dust Collection Hose Kit for 2100L

Dust Collection Hose Kit for 2100L

  • 4" diameter clear hose for viewing any obstruction
  • 6' of flexible hose reach
  • 2 worm-drive clamps for connection
  • Internal Abrasion Resistant
  • Enclosed steel wire reinforced
226005 Dust Collection Hose Kit for 2100L 6'
  226003 Clear 4" Diameter Vacuum Hose for 2100L 6'
  226004 Hose Clamp for Vacuum Hose for 2100L
Air Attachment

Air Attachment

The Air Attachment directs an adjustable air stream to blow dust and chips from the cutting tool. Standard 1/4" pipe fitting to be attached to your air supply. Cools thermoplastic while grinding to reduce material gumming of tools.

  • Features a flat air flow nozzle
  • Flexible stay set hose for adjustable air stream
2100J Air Attachment
Air Attachment

Angled Accessory Holder for Floor Carver

  • Keeps your accessories organized and visible
2100M Angled Accessory Holder Attachment

Cutters sold separately. Shown mounted atop floor carver.

Trautman Equipment Warranty

  • 12 Months from the date of shipment

Trautman Equipment and Equipment accessories are warranted for manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of shipment from the Fillauer warehouse or from an authorized Fillauer distributor. Items will be replaced or repaired at Fillauer's discretion at no charge to the customer (See Trautman Warranty Repair/Replacement Procedure and Agreement). The warranty will be void if the item has been modified, abused, or used outside of Fillauer's recommendations.

For more information and ordering, email Customer Service or call 1-800-251-6398.