Male Becker Imperial Hand

from Hosmer

Features & Benefits

  • Round shaped wire fingers provide secure grip on irregularly shaped objects
  • Hand grip is adjustable using screwdriver
  • Standard 1/2-20 thread stud

Cosmetic Glove Information

Glove Information
1yyyyyzz3 Micro Coated Vinyl
1yyyyyzz4 Expanded MCV
1yyyyyzz2 Expanded PVC Standard
3yyyyyzz3 Micro Coated Silicone
3yyyyyzz1 Silicone

Note: yyyyy in part number sequence
indicates glove number; zz indicates color.

Male Becker Imperial Hand
Hand Passive Sizing Illustration
A Wrist circumference
B Metacarpal circumference
C Middle finger length
D Glove end circumference
E Length of glove

Ordering Information

Hand No.
Measurements Side Glove No.
MCP (B) Wrist to Thumb Weight
8 in. (20.32 cm) 5-1/4 in. (13.3 cm) 14 oz. (393 g) Left

Optional Accessory

59034 Inner Cloth Glove

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