Model 10X-Child Size Hook

from Hosmer

This children's hook comes equipped with a nitrile rubber surface that contours to the shape being grasped and is made of aluminum forgings for light weight. This hook is the same shape as the 10P-Child Size Hook.

  • Aluminum, canted fingers, nitrile rubber lined
  • 3-3/8 in. (8.6 cm) long; 3 oz. (85 g)
  • Available with 1/2-20 or M12 x 1.5 mm thread
55054 Model 10X, Right, Standard 1/2-20 Thread
55053 Model 10X, Left, Standard 1/2-20 Thread
61972 Model 10X, Right, M12 x 1.5 mm, Standard 12 mm Thread
61985 Model 10X, Left, M12 x 1.5 mm, Standard 12 mm Thread
Model 10x-Child Size Hook


  • L6711 – Terminal device, hook, mechanical, voluntary opening, any material, any size, lined or unlined, pediatric

Suggested L-Codes are provided as a reference only. It is the responsibility of the practitioner and/or patient care facility submitting this claim to determine and submit the correct coding within all established rules and guidelines.

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