Dynamic Walk Anterior

  • Lightweight

  • Open heel

  • Fits easily into normal shoes

  • High strength

Ordering Information

When ordering, please note that the padding must be ordered separately.

Additional Specifications

Material: TFC, PEEK


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Dynamic Walk Custom Adult-Pediatric Orderform EUROPE.pdf
Dynamic Walk Custom Adult-Pediatric Orderform USA.pdf
Dynamic Walk Instructions.pdf
Dynamic Walk Manual – Danish
Dynamic Walk Manual – Dutch
Dynamic Walk Manual – English
Dynamic Walk Manual – Finnish
Dynamic Walk Manual – French
Dynamic Walk Manual – German
Dynamic Walk Manual – Italian
Dynamic Walk Manual – Norewegian
Dynamic Walk Manual – Spanish
Dynamic Walk-Manual – Swedish
Order Form DW Custom Calf Height Foot Length

Dynamic Walk Padding Anterior

Size Side SKU
Padding Anterior Small Left 700100421
Padding Anterior Small Right 700100422
Padding Anterior Medium Left 700100441
Padding Anterior Medium Right 700100442
Padding Anterior Large Left 700100461
Padding Anterior Large Right 700100462

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