Don’t underestimate Irina Yeakley

Irina Yeakley is a gracious and confident 17-year-old, words her parents used to describe her in a short interview with Fillauer.

“She’s never been one to complain, which I’ve always been impressed by,” her dad, Tim, explained. “That’s a pretty big deal for any teenager, and it’s a testament to the perspective she brings to her day-to-day life.”

Irina was adopted from Russia and was born with several congenital issues that left her without portions of fingers, toes and one leg. So, it certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable to complain a little.

But that’s not Irina. Instead, she focuses on all the things she can do despite her limb differences.

A basketball enthusiast trying to decide which college to attend in the future, she is passionate about learning and educating others about the opportunities and options available to them – even through the devices they wear.

In this short video where she talks about her All Pro and Obsidian sprint blade, Irina recalls what it was like to learn at 15 about high activity prosthetics, and about how she’s able to use these devices to achieve on the court.

“My teammates know what I’m capable of doing, so they don’t underestimate me.”

Thank you to the Yeakley family for the interview, to Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) for working with us to capture some of Irina’s story, and to Witt Hullender, videographer.


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