Kendra Herber, our newest AllPro AllStar

We are excited to introduce and welcome Kendra Herber as our newest AllPro AllStar.

Kendra, a world class paratriathlete is also a high school English teacher, speaker, author and advocate for para-athletic sports. Since beginning her journey she has placed third in the National Championships, placed third in her first international race, and recently qualified to be an elite athlete.  She hopes to participate in the 2024 Paralympics in Paris. She recently returned from the Abu Dhabi World Triathlon Championship Finals.

“I’m really excited to announce that I have been asked to come on board Fillauer’s AllStar Program. In order to be chosen for the program, you have to ‘exemplify their focus on ability rather than disability. AllStars have overcome their own obstacles and limb difference, and have dedicated their life to their passion while using their story to motivate others around them.’ It means so much to me that Fillauer sees me as someone who embodies these attributes.”

Kendra was born with a malformed foot and her journey to where she is today has been chronicled in a book she wrote called WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life. The book provides a window into the struggles that life-long amputees often endure.

When she isn’t working or perfecting her sport she enjoys being active with her kids, being involved with her church community and traveling. She wears a Formula posterior mount foot for her everyday leg and will likely be using the Obsidian Sprinter for a running/cycling combo blade.

Welcome to the program!


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