PPGA Golf Trial Survey 2

PowerPlay Golf Accessory (PPGA) Trial Survey v.2

Thank you for participating in the study!

Please take a minute to answer this questionnaire about your recent experience with the Fillauer TRS PPGA device.

"*" indicates required fields

1. Did they install and lock properly into the PPGA Flexible Golf device?*
2. Were you able to connect and disconnect the golf clubs independent of anyone’s help?*
3a. Did you use the PPGA Flexible Golf device to adapt any other clubs?*
4a. If you used your own clubs, did you have any difficulties adapting them with the device?*
5. Did you have any experience in golf before your hand absence?*
6a. How many years of experience do you have playing golf?

Use of the PPGA Flexible Golf device

7a. Have you been able to experience the PPGA Flexible Golf device by swinging the clubs and hitting balls.*
7b. Approximately how many hours have you practiced with the PPGA Flexible Golf Device?
8a. Did you use the device at a driving range?
9a. Did you use the device on a golf course?
10. What clubs did you try with the device?
11. Did you find a need to shorten the club shafts for better control of the clubs?
12a. Have you had the benefit of some coaching after you received the PPGA Flexible Golf device?
12b. If Yes was it professional or family/friend coaching?
13. Would you like us to help identify a professional coach near you?

Rate Your Experience


Suggestions for Improvement

22. Do you believe that additional alternative devices are needed to augment the PPGA system for actual successful play?
23. Do you believe that this is a worthwhile project for us to pursue and make available to any upper extremity amputee?
24. Please rate the level of investment that you think others might make for one PPGA System with 6 club adapters (doesn't include clubs)
25. Please rate the level of investment that you think others might make for a set of 6 club adapters only.
26. Are you still interested in staying with this project to help develop the PPGA System so that it might be able to be offered to others with similar physical challenges in the future?*

Thank you very much for being a part of this program and helping us by completing this form.

We will follow up on your questions/suggestion/issues, if any, and be in touch with you personally as necessary.

Best Regards, 

Bob Radocy, Fillauer


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