Dual Purpose Expansion Arbors: Small Dual Purpose

  • Sand and polish without changing tools

  • Removable, tapered polishers for easy replacement

Ordering Information

Size Thread SKU

Small Dual Purpose, 1/2-13 Threads

Small 1/2 - 13 225330

Small Dual Purpose, 5/8-11 Threads

Small 5/8 - 11 225335

Small Dual Purpose, M16 Threads

Small M16 225330MM

Small Dual Purpose, Slim Blue Coneiak, Replacement tip

Small 225345

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Small Sanding Sleeves

Size Grit SKU
Small Sanding Sleeves Small 24 D24
Small Sanding Sleeves Small 80 D80
Small Sanding Sleeves Small 120 D120

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