Gerry Kinney

“I am very thankful to everyone at Fillauer and Motion Control. I am a bilateral upper limb amputee and I use a set of body powered prosthetics with a variety of attachments including Hosmer hooks. I also use a set of myoelectric prosthetics with a set of ETDs and a set of Taska hands.

The ETDs are very durable and useful and the Taska hands are definitely the most durable of the four different hands that I have used. I also have a powered flexion unit for my right side which is super helpful because I have very limited range of my elbow on that side. This combination of prosthetics has made me totally independent.

I am currently the lead instructor at a college for their electrical lineman program and travel the country sharing my story about safety and overcoming a big tragedy. The fine folks at Fillauer and Motion Control have been super helpful in answering my questions and helping me fine tune my attachments to make them easier to use.”

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