Myo/One Electrodes

Myo/One Electrodes

Introducing the Myo/One Electrode System. Designed in conjunction with COAPT, one small preamplifier provides 2 channels of EMG signal. Controlseal™ by COAPT remote electrodes require no dummies, are quick to install and can be easily moved for optimal electrode placement. Snap Electrodes for roll on liners are also available.

Remote Electrodes for standard liner.
Snap Electrodes for roll-on liners.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the gain adjustments for the electrodes are conveniently made via the Motion Control User Interface (MCUI). 

Myo/One is a convenient, small, versatile, package that provides a much simpler system for dual channel direct EMG control. 

  • Quick installation and easy to move to adjust positioning
  • Simple Dual-Channel EMG control
  • Bluetooth connectivity for gain adjustment
  • Remote electrode fits socket thickness 1.9mm to 5.5mm

        Documentation & Manuals

        For more information on the COAPT
        ControlSealTM Electrodes, documentation
        is available at the link below:

        There is also a video tutorial for the process:

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