Webinar on Naked Prosthetics

It’s All About Function!

Naked Prosthetics designs and fabricates functional, custom prosthetic devices specifically for finger and partial-hand amputees. The devices are designed to mimic natural hand motion allowing them to be intuitive and provide excellent function. Learn how you as a clinician can positively impact your patients’ lives by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses. We offer a one-hour education that covers the following:

  • Walkthrough of Naked Prosthetics different devices
  • Patient Candidacy
  • Ordering Process

Meet our new Clinical Educational Specialist

The webinar series will be held by our new Clinical Educational Specialist Sanna Oscarsson. Sanna has 5 years of clinical experience as a prosthetist and orthotist. She has worked with a great variety of patients and for the last years specialized in pediatrics.

Naked Prosthetics Video on Demand

Request a Live Naked Prosthetics Webinar

For a tailormade webinar on Naked Prosthetics contact: soscarsson@fillauer.com


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