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TRS Inc. was formed in 1979, by upper limb amputee Bob Radocy, who was frustrated by the limited performance of commercially available prosthetics devices. He lost his left hand about four inches below the elbow in an auto accident in 1971. Bob experimented with all types of prosthetic devices. In 1977, while in graduate school, he applied his engineering and biological sciences education and design experience to create a high performance, prehensor which allowed him to be competitive with two handed peers in any activity he chose. Thus in 1980, the GRIP prehensile hand was first manufactured.

Since then, TRS has grown to become the leading innovator of body-powered prosthetic devices in the world. TRS remains specialized. We design and build only high quality technology for persons missing a hand(s). TRS joined Fillauer in 2019.


3090 Sterling Circle, Studio A
Boulder, Colorado 80301



Fillauer Companies, Inc.

Since 1914, Fillauer has been a leader in the evolution, design and technology of orthotic and prosthetic products and services.

Today, the Fillauer team is still committed to the same level of innovation that saw a local, family-owned pharmacy become a global industry leader.


2710 Amnicola Hwy
Chattanooga, TN 37406


Motion Control

Motion Control was founded in 1974 by a group of University of Utah-Salt Lake City faculty members and researchers after creating the world’s most advanced prosthetic arm. Motion Control joined Fillauer Companies, Inc. in 1997 and, thanks to their team of dedicated professionals, continues to offer world-class prosthetic technology today.


115 N. Wright Brothers Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


888-MYO-ARMS (696-27670

Fillauer North Carolina

Fillauer is continuously working to optimize and streamline manufacturing processes to reduce lead times and minimize costs, providing you with improved delivery and competitively priced products.  Fillauer is absorbing our Fillauer North Carolina operations into its Chattanooga, TN Location.  Central Fabrication services have been discontinued.  Fabrication services for RGO’s Custom Dynamic Walk and SPL products will continue to be offered through Fillauer Europe.




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