TASKA HandGen2 with Low Profile Wrist

Ordering Information

TASKA LP includes: 2000 mAh Battery, Chargers, Power Switch, 2-year standard warranty, Annual service with each year of warranty (inc. ext.), 2 x Bluetooth adaptors, Replacement Grip Tips and Faceplates, Low Profile Lamination Ring, Switch Block


  • 2 year limited warranty of the Taska Hand and TASKA HandGen2

The Limited Extended Warranty extends the 2-year limited warranty of the TASKA Hand and TASKA HandGen2 against equipment failures resulting from normal use as described in the “Warranty” booklet and “Appropriate Use Guide”. 1 year, 2 year or 3 year extended warranties are available for up to 5 years of limited warranty coverage.


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Extended Warranties

1 Year TASKA-BHEW-01
2 year TASKA-BHEW-02
3 year TASKA-BHEW-03

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