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Erin Ball

Name: Erin Ball (she/her)

Residence: Katarokwi, also known as Kingston, Ontario

Amputation Story: It’s a long story but the short answer is I upgraded! Kidding, sort of but not really (I can be as tall as I want, shoot confetti cannons from my feet, and really attach anything I want…it’s pretty great). Also, I had extreme frostbite after being lost in the woods for six days in the winter and a few months later, I became a double below knee amputee. It was very difficult for a period because I didn’t know any amputees or Disabled people and couldn’t imagine returning to circus arts. I had a lot of learning and unlearning to do and I was lucky enough to eventually connect with others and I began to understand that it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Family Story: I have two families who are very supportive (mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom and brother). I also have a lot of chosen family.  And my kitty who loves to sleep on my face.

Activities: Circus arts (aerial mostly), running, roller skating, I love anything active that’s not competitive, though I do like challenging myself.

Upcoming calendar of events: I can’t even keep track. I am very busy with many international and local events planned. A lot of it depends on the covid situation. Travel is supposed to start again for me this month. (I can send more details as things are confirmed.)

Personal Accomplishments: I’m not so much proud of personal accomplishments…I have had a lot of amazing opportunities and have met a lot of amazing people (very grateful!). I am most happy about being in community and being lucky enough to have access to a circus space and to be able to share that with community.

Social Media:

Instagram: @erinballcircus @kingston_circus_arts
Facebook: Erin Ball

Passions: I run a circus studio called Kingston Circus Arts, I co-founder a performance company called LEGacy Circus, I am the accessibility liaison for SoCirC, I am an inclusion coach with KEYS Job Centre, and I offer workshops, courses, and performances internationally about Disability and circus.

Personal Philosophy: It is not our fault that things are the way that they are however, we as individuals can learn and unlearn and can make changes.

Personal fun fact that no one would know about you but should: Brussel sprouts are my absolute favourite food

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