Artyom Navigates Cycling

Artyom Arakelyan, a 32-year-old linguistics graduate from Yerevan, Armenia, has overcome numerous challenges in his life. His story begins in 2003 when, at the age of 12, he tragically lost both his upper limbs in an electrical accident. Artyom had been an aspiring football goalkeeper, playing with his friends in an abandoned electrical substation when he carelessly touched a high-voltage cable. Miraculously, he survived the accident, but his life was forever changed.

Artyom on bike with JAWS
Artyom on bike with JAWS prehensors.

Despite the loss of his arms, Artyom’s passion for sports never disappeared. While he couldn’t pursue a professional soccer career, he continued to play at an amateur level. He also explored other sports and discovered a love for swimming during a three-year period of his life. However, it was cycling that truly captured his heart while he was living in Europe.

Upon returning to Armenia, Artyom faced the harsh reality of inadequate cycling infrastructure. With no designated bike lanes or safe paths, he had to navigate the busy highways among cars. The dangers of cycling without proper prosthetic support became evident in May of the previous year when he had a harrowing accident. Trying to avoid the treacherous traffic, Artyom decided to transition to a sandy-ground section off the highway. However, he didn’t notice a pile of mud in his path, causing him to lose control of his bike, and ending up in the middle of the highway.

Realizing the inherent risks he faced without appropriate prosthetic support, Artyom made a firm decision to hold off on his cycling endeavors until he could acquire a JAWS Prehensor. Aware of the benefits these versatile prosthetic devices offered, he reached out to his employer, “Kamar” CJSC, a prosthesis center in Yerevan, where he worked as an upper extremity prosthesis consultant and international relations coordinator.

Artyom with power tools.

With the support of his boss and colleagues, Artyom initiated the process of obtaining the JAWS Prehensor. These advanced prosthetic devices promised not only enhanced safety but also comfort and reliability, enabling him to resume his cycling adventures. After a diligent and determined effort, Artyom finally received his JAWS Prehensors.

The first time he set off on his bike with the new prosthetic hands, Artyom felt a newfound sense of security. The JAWS provided him with a firm grip on the handlebars, allowing him to maintain control and stability throughout his rides. No longer did he fear his hands slipping off the handlebars, endangering his safety. Artyom found the JAWS to be everything he had hoped for – safe, reliable, and comfortable.


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