Fillauer Allstars Shine at 2024 Americas Paratriathlon Championships

Fillauer Allstars Kendra Herber, Kyle Stepp, and David Whelan delivered standout performances at the 2024 Americas Paratriathlon Championships in Miami. Kendra and Kyle both clinched impressive third-place finishes, while David secured a strong fourth place. We are immensely proud of our Allstars’ achievements, resilience, and character. It’s also thrilling to see our Obsidian running blade making a significant impact in high-performance competitions, helping athletes achieve their dreams and best functional outcomes.

We asked them the following questions to capture their thoughts and to find out what’s next for these high-level athletes:

  • What is next for you?
  • What does placing at this event mean to you?
  • What have been the highlights of your journey leading to this great accomplishment?

Kendra Herber

I am in LOVE with this new blade. I’m seeing times I’ve never seen in my life since switching to the Obsidian.

I’m not sure what race I’m doing next because I have to see if I get in. I hope to go to Japan, Wales, and Canada, but I may need to pivot to Spain and/or Italy.

Being on the podium is always a special moment for me, my family, and my coaches. Representing the United States in this way brings me a lot of joy. It’s amazing when people unfamiliar with para-sports see what people with disabilities are capable of. Being out there on the course is a blessing. My mobility is very important to me; it keeps me healthy, is empowering, and mentally challenging.

A racing highlight is seeing the world, representing my country, challenging myself beyond my perceived limits, learning more about myself through this process, and meeting other people with disabilities, creating a community with people like me.

Kyle Stepp

No matter how far I go in sports, experiencing the freedom of movement will always be my most cherished achievement. There is something special about unlocking an experience once thought impossible.

I have fallen in love with endurance sports because I crave the experience and the moment when I surpass my previous limits. It’s magical when you push your body beyond a past distance, pace, or height.

Reflecting on my growth since I started racing triathlon is extremely special. In June 2022, I completed my first triathlon with a finishing time of 1:32:07, and over a year and a half later, I secured a Bronze Medal at the World Triathlon America’s Continental Championships with a time of 1:11:59!

I am grateful to be part of a community of para-athletes who push each other to our highest levels and redefine what’s possible. After my success in Miami, I am currently ranked #12 in the world and plan to continue racing in the World Para Series/World Cups, working towards representing the USA at the 2024 World Championships, with the long-term goal of the LA28 Paralympic Games.

David Whelan

My next race is Ironman Oceanside 70.3 in San Diego, California, on April 6th, followed by Ironman Saint George 70.3 in Utah on May 4th.

Miami was a challenging race; the humidity adds another level of difficulty that’s hard to prepare for. My goal was to race hard and secure 4th place, competing against incredibly talented athletes. I’m still developing as a “front-pack” athlete. My simple goal is to keep improving. This is a learning experience that I’ll continue to apply.

The journey is the reward. I love where I’m at right now, personally, and professionally. There’s always room for growth. I want to be a sponge and absorb it all. The highlight is just continuing to love it and creating more opportunities for growth.

Every time I put on my race kit and line up at the start, it’s a massive joy and gratitude. Being able to represent the US internationally, travel, and now racing in Ironman 70.3’s is a dream come true.


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