Motion Arm Hybrid ML & EL

Motion Arm

The all-new Motion Arm™ sets a new standard for prosthetic elbows. Robust, durable and IP67 certified dustproof/waterproof* they are built to be used!


The Motion Arm (Manual Lock) ML is a manual locking, body powered hybrid elbow for use with electric terminal devices and passive or electric wrist rotators. Completely redesigned, the lock mechanism will support up to 50 pounds at the terminal device. The input manifold at the top of the humeral section utilizes industry standard connections, all of which are waterproof. The elbow comes with an adjustable lift tab and spectra lock/unlock cable. Indicator lights show the amount of charge in the battery.


The Motion Arm (Electric Lock) EL has all the same features but with an electric lock/unlock mechanism perfect for short transhumeral and high-level amputation levels. There are 3 lock/unlock triggers and the availability use a switch. To adjust the trigger parameters, the Motion Arm User Interface (MAUI) easily connects your Apple hand held device to the processer via Bluetooth.


  • Dustproof/Waterproof at IP67 certification level (For the Motion Arm to be completely waterproof, a waterproof terminal device with waterproof seal at the quick disconnect wrist must in place.)
  • Support 50 lbs in the locked position
  • 3 Lock/Unlock Triggers available
  • External switch capability for Lock/Unlock
  • Waterproof input manifold
  • TD/Wrist disable during elbow unlock or enable simultaneous TD/Wrist – elbow flexion/extension
  • 3000 mAhr intermal battery
  • 1.5 in/40mm build height

Warranty Information

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 2 additional years extended warranty available

Motion Arm Brochurebrochure
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Motion Arm User Manualupper-limb upper-limb upper-limb upper-limb

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