Motion Arm Hybrid ML & EL

Motion Arm

The all-new Motion Arm™ sets a new standard for prosthetic elbows. Robust, durable and IP67 certified dustproof/waterproof* they are built to be used!


The Motion Arm (Manual Lock) ML is a manual locking, body powered hybrid elbow for use with electric terminal devices and passive or electric wrist rotators. Completely redesigned, the lock mechanism will support up to 50ft-lbs. The input manifold at the top of the humeral section utilizes industry standard connections, all of which are waterproof. The elbow comes with an adjustable lift tab and spectra lock/unlock cable. Indicator lights show the amount of charge in the battery.


The Motion Arm EL has an electric lock/unlock mechanism perfect for short transhumeral and high-level amputation levels as well as mid to long transhumeral amputation levels. There are 3 lock/unlock triggers and the availability use a switch. To adjust the trigger parameters, the Motion Arm User Interface (MAUI) easily connects your Apple® handheld device to the processer via Bluetooth®.


Warranty Information

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 2 additional years extended warranty available

Documents & Information

Motion Arm Brochureenglish
Motion Arm Cutting Guide
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Danishdanish-dansk danish-dansk
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Dutchdutch-nederlands dutch-nederlands
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Finnishfinnish-suomi finnish-suomi
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Frenchfrench-francais french-francais
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Germangerman-deutsch german-deutsch
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Italianitalian-italiano italian-italiano
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Norwegiannorwegian-norsk norwegian-norsk
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Spanishspanish-espanol spanish-espanol
Motion Arm Cutting Guide-Swedishswedish-svenska-sv swedish-svenska-sv
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Danishdanish-dansk
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Dutchdutch-nederlands
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Finnishfinnish-suomi
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Frenchfrench-francais
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Germangerman-deutsch
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Italianitalian-italiano
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Norwegiannorwegian-norsk
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Spanishspanish-espanol
Motion Arm Prosthetist Manual-Swedishswedish-svenska-sv
Motion Arm User Manualenglish english english
Motion Arm User Manual-Danish
Motion Arm User Manual-Dutch
Motion Arm User Manual-Finnish
Motion Arm User Manual-French
Motion Arm User Manual-German
Motion Arm User Manual-Italian
Motion Arm User Manual-Norwegian
Motion Arm User Manual-Spanish
Motion Arm User Manual-Swedish



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