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Introducing the New Myo/One Electrode System

Designed in partnership with Coapt, the new Myo/One™ Electrode system is a streamlined, waterproof system that can reduce hours of trial and error into a couple quick minutes. Designed around one small preamplifier that provides two channels of EMG signal for myoelectric devices, the system replaces cables, fabrication aids, sealing rings and multiple devices with one simple cable. 

Two Electrode Options

The Myo/One system has two connection options. Coapt’s ControlSeal™ remote electrode domes require no fabrication aids, are quick to install in a socket, and can be moved easily for optimal electrode placement. For those patients that require a liner, the Motion Control Snap Electrodes are easily removed to care for the liner. 

All EMG signals are filtered and amplified by a single, small (1 × ⅝ in.), sealed Bluetooth device meaning no more holes in the socket to access signal amplification. With Bluetooth connectivity, the gain adjustments for the electrodes are conveniently made via the Motion Arm User Interface (MAUI) software app.  

Myo/One is a convenient, small, versatile, package which is compatible with almost all dual-site myoelectric devices and provides a much simpler system for dual-channel direct EMG control. It is available to purchase June 1, 2023, from Fillauer Companies in the US.  

Learn more about the electrodes here.


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