Natural Definition Glove Gender-Neutral F

  • Airbrushed dual layer PVC with fibers for natural definition

  • Skin friendly

  • Micro Coated for durability, easy cleaning and low friction against clothing

  • Recyclable - Free from all heavy metals and phthalates

Ordering Information

Compatible with Passive Hand 30915/30916

Natural Definition Color Guide

For your convenience we made the Natural Definition Guide to help determine which color to choose for your patient. The Guide consists of two different scales, R and Y (Red and Yellow). Each one has 8 different colors to choose from to cover most skin tones.
Natural Definition Color Guide - 611200003
Additional Specifications

Length Left (mm): 370

Length Right (mm): 390

Middle Finger Length Left (mm): 82

Middle Finger Length Right (mm): 90

Palm Circumference Left (mm): 190

Palm Circumference Right (mm): 200

Wrist Circumference Left (mm): 168

Proximal Circumference Left Hand (mm): 235

Proximal Circumference Right Hand (mm): 240

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