Dynamic Walk, Custom

  • Customizable size and lift

  • Pediatric sizing available

  • Perfect fit from patient cast

  • Lightweight and high strength

Ordering Information

Custom fabrication forms are available in the resources section. For more information, contact a Fillauer Inside Sales Specialist at +46 (0)8 505 332 00 or order@fillauer.com When ordering, please note that the padding must be ordered separately


Dynamic Walk, Custom

Additional Specifications

Material: TFC, PEEK


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Dynamic Walk Custom Adult-Pediatric Orderform EUROPE.pdf
Dynamic Walk Custom Adult-Pediatric Orderform USA.pdf
Dynamic Walk Instructions.pdf
Dynamic Walk Manual – Danish
Dynamic Walk Manual – Dutch
Dynamic Walk Manual – English
Dynamic Walk Manual – Finnish
Dynamic Walk Manual – French
Dynamic Walk Manual – German
Dynamic Walk Manual – Italian
Dynamic Walk Manual – Norewegian
Dynamic Walk Manual – Spanish
Dynamic Walk-Manual – Swedish
Order Form DW Custom Calf Height Foot Length

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